Q. Is all of this free?

A. Yes, Please feel free to use any of the content, including the posters, videos in your presentations.


A. Yes. Also please link to us or if you run a blog or website in relation to kids, parenting and tech, please send us your contact info so we can link to you.

Where can I get more?

A. There are a number of resources for materials to use in presentations. Here are two of many. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection and NetSmartz a resource portal maintained by NCMEC (National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children).

How do I contact you?

A. Here.


How do I keep my kids safe online?

A. There are a number of resources online that can help keep you informed. Start here. Our best advice is keep talking. Know their friends. They don’t separate their online and offline personalities. Neither should you.

What are the popular apps kids are using?

They are changing all the time. Currently popular are tumblr, twitter, kik, keek, whatsapp, secret, vine, whisper. One trend though is that kids seem to be leaving traditional social media platforms for instant messaging clients.


Q. I’ve got a response for you.

A. Great. What is it?